Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back To School

August has arrived and it's already time to start thinking about going back to school!

Today I participated in a Back To School event thrown by my local Macaroni Kids publisher. For $5, kids got a bag full of school supplies and some other goodies too! I kept busy handing out folders and also had a blast talking to people about my designs.

Here's my booth:

The Back To School Favor Tags were a HUGE hit! I had designed them with the idea of using them to give the teacher a small gift on the first day of school but a few people bought enough to bring a treat for all of the students! One women said that instead of apples, she was going to send her kids with Caramel Apple Pops and attach the tags to those. Great idea!

The back to school tags are available as a free printable here on my blog. You can also buy them pre-cut and punched on my Etsy shop: Back To School Favor Tags

My School Lunch Notes were also pretty popular. I think there will be a lot of happy kids at lunchtime this school year! :) Get your own School Lunch Notes from my shop!

All in all, I just really had a great time. I loved being able to show people my work face to face instead of just through a computer screen! I'm exhausted now though - I hope my husband plans on making dinner ;)