Monday, November 11, 2013

How To Make Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers are a cheap and easy way to decorate your cupcakes and tie in your party party theme! On this page I will walk you through the steps needed to make your own cupcake toppers. It's so easy a four year old can do it! (Mine helped me!)
For this tutorial I'm using the Rapunzel circles that I designed for my daughter's birthday party. Get them for your own party: Rapunzel Party Circles. You can buy a circle design from your favorite printable designer or you can design your own.
When I first designed these circles I crammed as many as I could on one page. I regretted that decision as soon as I started cutting. I recommend keeping it to 12 or fewer circles on a page.
After choosing your circle design you will want to print the circles. I recommend 100# card stock for the perfect durability.

Time required: It took me 20 minutes to make 30
Difficulty: easy
Cost: Cost depends on quantity made
Circle Design printed on card stock
2 inch circle punch
Scotch Tape
Drink Stirrers


1. Cut your cardstock into strips
Just cut underneath each row of circles to create horizontal strips. This will make it much easier to punch out the circles.

2. Punch out the circles
Using a 2' circle punch makes it super easy to punch out even circles. Just line them up in the punch and push!
My current circle punch is actually not ideal for cupcake toppers because I have to turn it upside down to see what I'm doing. The Fiskars Extra Large Round 'n Round is on my Christmas list to make this process even easier :)
3. Attach the stick to the back of the circle.
Super duper easy! I usually just use tape. It's on the back of the circle so it never shows in pictures and kids don't mind! If your stirrer is of the flat, wooden variety you can also use a glue stick or craft glue to attach it to the circle.

You will need to use glue instead of tape if you want your circles to be double sided - just glue one circle to each side of the stick.
4. Be happy!
You just made your very own party decor! Use these in cupcakes, cake, favor boxes, potted plants... whatever fits your fancy. Enjoy the party!

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